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Our App Makes It A Snap

The Team Butter app makes buying and selling a breeze. Simply share your custom store and let family and friends shop. Our products get delivered straight to their door and 50% of all sales gets deposited directly into your team’s bank account. Four easy steps are all it takes.

A coach or leader goes online, chooses the product option they want to sell, then fills out and submits a quick form. Now the virtual fundraiser is set up. Assistance is also available. Just call or click on the ‘contact us button’ and a Team Butter representative will gladly assist with set up.

Once the online fundraiser is set up, the leader downloads the app from the Android or Apple store, enters his or her phone number and fundraiser automatically populates the app. The organizer alerts the group via email, text, Facebook, or any other preferred method, providing instructions for downloading the app. The group downloads the app – students, parents, anyone who will be sharing the fundraiser. Each group member creates a personal profile for his or her own ‘store’ in just a few steps.

The app automatically generates a store for each group member to share with family and friends. Participants simply send them a link to their online store so they can shop. Feel free to remind your supporters that purchases are conveniently delivered straight to their door. It’s simple. The more they buy, the more money your organization raises.

Shopping and payments are done completely online and 50% of every dollar earned goes directly into your organization’s bank account. Everything is automated, fast and simple – the way fundraising should be.

Yes, I Am Ready To Start My Virtual Fundraiser!

An Incredible Experience For Everyone

When it comes to convenience, Team Butter is a clear choice. Our online approach brings selling and shopping into everyone’s living room – or wherever they are, 24/7.

Orders are placed online without needing to download an app or create an account. Supporters simply click on the store link shared with them and they will be presented with all varieties of our premium products that they can effortlessly purchase. Gone are the days of door-to-door sales, pick-ups and deliveries. At Team Butter, we individually pack, ship and deliver each order directly to the supporter’s doorstep.

Industry Leading Profits

Online fundraising with Team Butter is more than convenient, simple and fun. It’s extremely profitable. In fact, 50% of all sales go back to the organizer. More shoppers mean more sales and higher earnings, with 50% of all sales going back to your organization — so stop shopping and start fundraising.