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Helping Dreams

Become Reality.

Together, we believe anything is possible.

Experience you can trust.

Headquartered in the great state of Michigan with offices across the USA, Team Butter is an exceptional online fundraising partner committed to making a difference.

With decades of experience in the youth sports industry, we understand the vital importance of online fundraising. We’ve also witnessed the incredible time and energy teams are spending to finance the increasing costs of uniforms, equipment, tournaments and travel.

As we spoke daily with teams and coaches across the country, it was evident that traditional fundraising (door-to-door sales and deliveries, order forms and cash transactions) was a growing frustration – and stealing time from the game they love. In our eyes, there had to be a better, simpler way.

One glance at a cell phone and it was clear. An app. The idea was to put technology to work rather than teams. So, development began and Team Butter was born – a virtual fundraising partner with premium products that can be sold online, 24/7 without leaving home.

Team Butter is committed to setting the bar and forever being the pinnacle of fundraising. By continually evolving our technology, products and services, we seek to be a valued fundraising partner both now and into the future. Our passion for helping America’s youth turn dreams into reality is a driving force in everything we do.

Team Butter. Virtual fundraising done right.